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The repertoire is charming and the playing, on period instruments, is superb. Strings Magazine


Your tax deductible contribution will help The Vivaldi Project continue to bring a deeper appreciation for our classical music heritage to diverse metropolitan, rural, and underserved communities. As a  supporter, you’ll be the first to learn about upcoming concerts and special events. 

Please consider supporting us at one of the following levels (with each increasing gift level, benefits from the preceding level are provided):


Friends of Music: $60 ($5/month)

All are great listeners who appreciate our music.

Donors within this category receive:

- Priority notice/mailing of special events

- 10% discount on entrance fee for concerts


Continuo Section: $180 ($15/month)
The section whose importance should never be underestimated. They work the hardest, tend to get the least praise, but are the foundation “bass” of the entire ensemble. We would not function without them.

Donors within this category receive:

- 25% discount on our CDs

* Recognition in all event programs for the year donation is made

Ripieno Players: $360 ($30/month)

Our core group of tutti players who fill our ranks and make us sound beautiful.

Donors within this category receive:

- 15% discount on all special fundraising events

- One free CD

- Complementary opportunity to attend a private Q&A session with one or both of the ensemble directors.

Concertante Payers: $780 ($65/month)

Our shining virtuoso soloists.

Donors within this category receive:

- Two (2) complimentary tickets to one of our regular paid concert

- Special recognition on our website

Vivaldi Maestri: $1500 ($125/month)

The generous leaders who step up to the podium and pull it all together.

Donors within this category receive:

Opportunity to attend one private behind-the-scenes rehearsal with players

Patron Circle: $2000 ($166.66/month)

Friends who are engaged in all of our events.
Donors within this category receive:

Two (2) private lessons with an ensemble director

Four Seasons Family Circle: $2500 ($208.33/month) for two or more consecutive years

The extraordinary benefactors who carry us through each season of the year.

Donors within this category:

- Two (2) complimentary tickets to our annual fundraising events

- Two (2) complimentary tickets to a concert of your choice with special seating arrangements.

* The names of our individual donors are printed in our programs unless they wish to remain anonymous.

For gifts above $2500 please contact us at 

Special Acknowledgements

Our 90 wonderful individuals who contributed to our first Kickstarter Campaign: Discovering the Classical String Trio, vol. 1

Ida Riegels, Rosemary Vial, Charles D. Gerard, Idalynn Besser, Alexander J. Field, Degorah Wassertzug, Mike Byers, Linda Hicks, Krista Meade, Joanna L. Castillo, Emily Field, Randy Hoffman, Ruth Einstein, Mary Harrison, Stacy Moore, Joe and Dai Peters, Elizabeth Vial, Deborah Fox, Kelcey Thirtle, Michael Hill, Stefanie Jacob, Matthew Michelic, Laura Doll, Marion Meakem, Pat Mariott, Alexander Silbiger, Aggie and Larry, Auerbach, John O'Brien, Daryl Silberman and Danny Seidenberg, Maryelena Zaccardelli, Margot Holzman, John Guest, Maia Guest, 

Ben Keseley, Don Limm, Karin Shapiro, Tina Chancey, Johanna Tiemann, Marie Cadieux and Hannes Dietrich, Evelyn Luise, Nancy Tobi, 

Mary Ogletree, Marc McKenzie, Karen Ahlquist, Barbara and Jerry Porter, Robert W. Upchurch, Jim Allison, Marta and Bertie Wassertsug,

James Webster, Margaret Surtees, Fiona Murray, Bridget Rachel George, KC Still, Robin Kani and Larry Wright, Art and Debbie Ablin, 

John and Martha Hsu, Laura Roelofs, Noelia Duchovny, Evan Cortens, Roberta Cone, Gabriela Bebchick, Alberto Duchovny and Victoria Imas-Duchovny, Alan Pesky, Andrew Kuchling, Madeleine Adkins, July Sakanari, Paeder, Rebecca Boucher, Tina Merill, Kathe Hannauer, 

Elizabeth Skola Davis, Ryan Kim, Josh Sheibe, Ellen Ramsey, Michael Peevey, Steve Silverman, Sarah Huebsch, Leo Kan, Guy Wassertzug,

Sonia Koval, Pamela Berkeley, Cisum Percussion, Jennifer Shannon, Andrew Pann, Sergio Rodrigues Apolinar, Josepha Gayer

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The Vivaldi  Project

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The Vivaldi Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization